Midas Touch recently released MTA-3152- 5.2 ” IP 65 Mobile Computer Embedded FBI Fingerprint Scanner

Midas Touch MTA-3152 with abundant functions is an Android rugged mobile computer. With its powerful quad-core processor, stable wireless connections and comprehensive data capture options, you can find this easy-to-deploy device a valuable helper to increase productivity. Especially, it is improved to enable capacitive fingerprint sensor. It is revolutionized to be FIPS 201 compliant,  and enable secure data encryption and fake finger detection. This mobile computer with biometric functions can best satisfy your needs for identity verification. It is ideal for population census and national election.

 Accurate Biometric Reading Reliable Identity Verification
 Barcode Scanning
 High-Definition Camera

◻ Product info at http://bit.ly/2vcuyoy


About Midas Touch

Midas Touch, Inc. is a worldwide leading company in the fingerprint identification industry, dedicated to developing and providing consumer-ready fingerprint identification products, biometric fingerprint sensors and modules. Our RD team has a long history and rich experience in the Biometric fingerprint field. Midas Touch, Inc. ’s patented proprietary fingerprint algorithm technology follows the ISO/IEC 19794-2 standard and provides maximum accuracy, performance, and reliability.

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