🎉 Midas Touch Releases Jewelry Box Featuring Fingerprint Authentication Security! 🎉

Midas Touch’s fingerprint jewelry box is the newest generation of biometric jewelry box which is with fingerprint scanner provides safe storage and easily controlled access to your valuables jewelry. This features a sleek compact design and convenient, easy access control at the touch of a finger. Common names for this model of the product include BioBox, LockSafe or LockSate.

Fingerprint jewelry box features:

► Fast Access with a Finger Touch: No Weak PIN Code Access. Achieve Higher Security without a Keypad.
► Security: Fingerprint identification system, high-security level than the traditional machine key and combination lock
► Practical Gift Choice: Multi-functional jewelry case for necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, ear studs, hairpins, cufflinks, brooches, and other jewelry, nice gift idea
► Abundant Colors: White, Red, Tiffany Blue, Pink
► Smart: 5 sets of the fingerprint can be stored for use.

👉 For more details, please visit: bit.ly/Fingerprintjewelrybox