We often have our own cherished jewelry, which might be bought to award rewards, the treasures of family inheritance, or the proof of love when married. Everything contains indelible memories. Whenever a memory is saved, you will start thinking about how to store this precious jewelry. How to save them with safety and convenience? Midas Touch Fingerprint Jewelry Box ( https://www.midastouchinc.com/product/fingerprint-jewelry-box/ )no longer makes you worried about those knotted necklaces, delicate pearl earrings that are often lost and bother you.

This jewelry box has many features and functions:
✳️ Fastness: No need for the PIN code, no need to press the button. The only step is to tap your finger to open, which is simple and fast.
✳️ Security: The fingerprint identification system has a higher level of security than traditional keys or password locks.
✳️ Practicality: Definitely a pleasant gift. Jewelry, bracelets, watches, earrings, ear pins, hair clips, cufflinks, brooches, and other jewelry can be placed separately. It is a multifunctional jewelry box suitable for gift giving.
✳️ Colorfulness: A variety of colors to choose, including white, red, blue, and pink.
✳️ Intelligence: 5 sets of fingerprints can be stored for use.

Combined with high-intelligence fingerprint sensing unlocking, it not only increases the security but also exempts the necessities of memorizing passwords and keeping keys. These bring about unparalleled convenience. At the same time, it provides different styles of colors. With fashion, handing it to Mom, giving it to your girlfriend as a surprise, or attaching a card as a birthday gift. Fingerprint jewelry box is a good choice for gifts! Let people who receive the gift feel respect and show your personal taste and heart. Prepare for the upcoming festival and contact us for more information!