Dragon Boat Festival | Midas Touch


It’s Dragon Boat Festival tomorrow! Dragon Boat Festival is a special celebration in Chinese culture. At this day, lots of activities will be held, including eating rice dumplings and standing the egg on its end. Among these activities, the Dragon Boat Race is the most popular one. The large dragon boat race is consist of more than twenty people in a team, and they will have to complete the race together. This unique event symbolizes the spirit of cooperation and shows great momentum.

At the same time as the dragon boat festival celebration, it is also the graduation season of students. Students leave their school after the ceremony, find themselves a job, and get into the workplace. We welcome social freshmen and transferees to send resumes and works to our mailbox: career@midastouchinc.com Current openings include sales, international trade, and art design personnel.

We also welcome business partners from different places to cooperate with us. Midas Touch mainly focuses business in IoT/ICT/ Fingerprint industry, whoever interested in the related industry could send an email to sales@midastouchinc.com

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