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Smart Drawer Lock | Fingerprint Protected Lock

Midas Touch’s smart lock with the fingerprint scanner is mainly used for drawers and is very user-friendly. This smart drawer locker lock is designed for quick unlocking access with high security. It is easy to set up and operate. Besides, it can store and recognize one managing fingerprint and more user fingerprints.

People usually have secret documents or precious items that should be kept carefully. It is difficult for traditional locks to achieve a certain of the security. Smart locker locks are here to solve the problem. Whether it is for businessmen who sign contracts frequently, professors who review student papers, or general households who need to keep private information, traditional locks can no longer meet the standards of modern society. With practical key features, smart locker lock is definitely a better choice!

Key features:

  • Security – Higher security than the traditional lock! No need to worry about things being stolen. Make sure of the safety of secret documents.
  • Convenience – Unlock with your fingerprint. The capacitive fingerprint sensor allows unlocking in under 0.7 seconds
  • Sturdy mechanism – Latch and mortise are made by metal, they are sturdy enough for the cabinets. DIY Installing: No Drilling, installed by screws easily.
  • Low power consumption– Static life of 1 year or at least 2000 times after charging opening operation.
  • Rechargeable – Micro USB seat supply emergency charging using
  • Spare key- Provide a spare key to users to avoid situations could not use a fingerprint.

 About Midas Touch

Your Fingerprint is your key! Midas Touch has developed a smart lock solution to solve the problem that a key is easy to lose or forget the account password. Midas Touch is a startup that focuses on fingerprint key technology. All of the Midas Touch fingerprint devices can be unlocked directly through the fingerprint reader. For more, please visit us at

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