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Monitoring people’s body temperature can reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, but the quarantining devices look so complicated and expensive, aren’t they? Don’t worry, let’s see our MTA-3078T thermal body temperature fast screening solution.  MTA-3078T can be installed in different ways. You can not only hang it by magnetic hooks but also set it up with a tripod flexibly depends on your entrances.

MTA-3078T consists of a rugged touch panel, a compact FLIR thermal imaging camera, and a dynamic temperature calibrator. With MTA-3078T, you no longer need to stare at the screen to observe the inspected persons.

The high-precision AI edge computing function can instantly judge the temperature of the inspected person for you. Let’s see how it actually works, when the inspected person’s body temperature is too high, MTA-3078T will immediately issue a warning with text and sound. MTA-3078T can accurately determine the position of the human forehead, and filter out false alarms of non-human heat resources.

MTA-3078T is an economical and convenient solution to save your labor and prevent the epidemic. The best technology device of epidemic prevention!

Key features :

  • High accuracy, an error margin of ±0.5°C
  • Real-time thermal image
  • 8″ inch tablet as HMI, easily viewable result
  • Warning graphic and sounds

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COVID-19 Thermal Detection System_Midas Touch

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