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The MTA-3078Tis a high-performance walk through temperature scanner designed for scanning people one-person at a time at security gates at airports, government facilities, office buildings, and sports stadiums. The unit can also be deployed in school buses, transit buses to scan passengers as they enter.
The system generates audio alarms and displays the alarm on the screen when a person with elevated temperature passes by. This can alert the security staff to quickly intervene and take additional action such as directing the person to a screening room for further check.

Key Features
– Uses FLIR camera module for facial detection and taking accurate –temperature reading (+-0.5C) at the range of 3-4 feet
– Standalone unit with an 8″ display for alerting both visual and audio
– Mounting attachments to security gates, school buses, etc. It can also be mounted on a VESA floor stand or on the wall.
– Ideal for government installations as the unit is made in Taiwan
– Uses black body for accurate calibrationFor more details, please visit the website @ or the other video @ For the price info, please send your inquiry @

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