Summary of MTA-3078T and MTB-3192T:

MTA-3078T is a Real-time Thermal Detection Machine, which automatically detects any body temperature within 0.5-1 M. The device can accurately detect facial temperature (with the tolerance for the temperature measurement ±0.5ºC). This device is designed for event entrances/exits, transport hubs, and buildings to quickly spot any unusual body temperature.

MTB-3192T is our high-end model, automatically detecting body temperature and masking wearing up to 5 M. The system uses AI technology to ensure the camera is reading the forehead and distinguishing between wearing or no wearing masks. MTB-3192T connects to the cloud service, which allows users to analyze passing personnel and store any specious case on the cloud to stop the virus from spreading.

*The cloud system allows connecting to multiple MTB-3192Ts to let the large building to have one platform to monitor.

Customers can use the chart below to decide which system best fits your business’ needs.

MTA-3078T vs MTB-3192T:

Advanced vs High-end
Thermal Camera System Real-time fever detection system w-blackbody | Midas Touch
Operation System Android 7.0 Windows 10 loT Enterprise LTSC
CPU ARM Cortex Intel® Core™
Software Facial Temperature Detection Human Temperature Detection Mask Detection
Thermal Camera Resolution 80 x 60 pixel 384 x 288 pixel
Cloud Service N/A (standalone) RESTful API
Setup Entry Point 1 (without modifying SDK) Multiple (Managed by Cloud System)
HMI Display 8″ Capacitive Touch Screen 19″ TFT Active Matrix Panel
Accuracy ±0.5ºC (@25°C) ±0.3ºC (@25°C)
Maximum Persons Passing Through 3 5 – 8
Contactless Yes Yes
Measure Distance Up to 1 M 5 M
Regulatory CE, FCC, NCC CE, FCC, IEC & EN
Price Moderate High



MTA-3078T usages location: Single entry point, transporting hub, and office.

MTB-3192T usages location: Large event entry point, hospital, building entrance, shopping center, school, and bank.