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Thermal Detection System

How to prevent COVID-19 from spreading when you host an event? The thermal detection system because of a critical tool for the event holder. But how do you select the proper one for your operation? We will suggest that you consider the following points.

  1. Is it precise enough? If the error margin can be well control less than +/-0.5C.
  2. It is easy to set up; even a non-technical person can handle it without extra support.
  3. You can see the data in the backend server to see the daily situation.

Today, we are glad to co-work with NKIC for the attendees’ temperature detection. With our real-time fever detection system, the registration process goes smoothly. Through our body temperature scanner, the procedure becomes more secure for the event holder and the participants. Our thermal detection system creates an efficient and fluent registration process and a safe environment for events.

Currently, we have two different models for different vertical markets. For more details, please visit our website for the following.

  1. Thermal fever detection system MTA-3078T
  2. High-end thermal fever detection system MTB-3192T

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