2K/1080P USB 2.0 HDR CMOS Camera Module 

  • MEM-3220-B66-S2-TC0 is a USB Video Class (UVC) compliant camera module with video features, designed for portable notebook PC image applications. It is made up of the following components, CMOS sensor(AR0230CS), lens, holder, backend, PCB, image processing circuit, and connector, to come out a digital video device. It shall be a reliable device that is embedded in a notebook PC to transfer video data through a USB interface to a notebook PC. The ON Semiconductor’s AR0230CS is a 1/2.7−inch CMOS digital image sensor with an active pixel array of 1928Hx1088V. It captures images in either linear or high dynamic range(HDR) modes, with a rolling−shutter readout.
  • The HDR scheme used is multi−exposure HDR. This allows the sensor to handle up to 96 dB of dynamic range. In HDR mode, the sensor sequentially captures two exposures by maintaining two separate reads and reset pointers that are interleaved within the rolling-shutter readout. MEM-3220-B66-S2-TC0 not only offers up to Full HD resolution (1920X1080) for image applications to take still images but also offers a video stream for end-user to preview/record motion images through the USB 2.0 interface. And It can support VGA (300K, 640×480) resolution up to 30 fps at YUY2 mode, 1080P resolution (1920×1080) up to 30fps at MJPG mode.
  • MEM-3220-B66-S2-TC0 builds in AE, AWB, and AGC for automatic image control supported by CMOS sensors. For image quality control, it also offers UVC standardized User Interface (UI) to let end-user well tune the image by property page.



Size(LWH/mm) 38.0x 38.0 x 17.6 mm (include PCB 1.6mm Thickness)
Output interface USB 2.0
Image / Video Format MJPG & YUY2
Output size VGA:640*480; HD:1280*720; UXGA:1920*1080
Video Class Compliant Yes
Input Voltage 5V
Operation Temperature -30C~+70C
Backend IC Specifications
Type Backend IC with USB 2.0 Interface
Compatibility USB Video Class Compliant, Microsft WHQL Certified
Support Sensor Size Support to 3M (2048*1536) sensor
OS Support Windows 7, 8, 10
Sensor Spec.
Optical format 1/2.7-inch Full HD CMOS Sensor
Active resolution 1920H x1080V
Unit pixel size 3.0 µm (H) x 3.0µm (V)
F/No. 2.45 +/-5%
Field of view 95.8°(Diagonal)



Focus Distance 80cm
Ordering Information
MEM-3220 2K/1080P USB 2.0 HDR Camera Module
MDC-5123 Dual Camera Module with Facial Recognition & IR Camera

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