Fingerprint Identification Mouse

Biometric Fingerprint Identification Mouse


  • File Fingerprint Encryption

Do you have trade secrets? Private documents? There are always things you want to keep private on your computer, so you must use the Smart fingerprint mouse to build a sophisticated security system just for you.

  • Colorful and Stylish

To built and designed to be fashionable and practical. Satisfaction for every type of user that you can work hard, study hard, or relax and enjoy.


Biometric Fingerprint Identification Mouse


Midas Touch fingerprint identification mouse is a certified fingerprint sensor security mouse that provides strong, safe and secure password protection for your PC. The capacitive sensing technology can make the mouse particularly suitable for workstations.



  • Main Feature:Fingerprint Recognition
  • Optical Sensor:PAW3515
  • Number of Buttons:3
  • Power Usage:5V 100 mA
  • Estimated Key Life:5 million clicks
  • Hand Type:Left and Right (Ambidextrous)
  • Return Rate:125Hz
  • Maximum Acceleration:8G
  • System Requirements:Windows  7 or above
  • Connection:Gold-plated USB cable,1.8m.
  • Product Dimensions:Approximately 109.5mm x 61mm x 32.5 mm
  • Product Weight:92g


  • Photo Privacy
  • Important Message
  • File Encryption
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 Fingerprint Mouse USB Biometric Fingerprint Identification Mouse

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