160*160 Circular Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor with IP67


  • Outlook is circular
  • Spatial resolution 508 DPI
  • 2D sensor array of 160×160 pixels
  • Sensing area 8 mm x 8 mm
  • SIP package size:12.2mm x 12.2mm x 0.7mm
  • Built-in 8-bit ADC for digitizing the image
  • The built-in programmable voltage reference
  • High-speed SPI interface
  • 0.03 sec readout time
  • Support 160-byte on-chip data FIFO
  • 65Volt ~ 3.6Volt for I/O communication
  • Advanced SiP package to reduce the size and provide better water and dust protection
  • Windowing function to crop the smaller image
  • Finger detection function to detect the finger on the sensor
  • Interrupt pin to wake up host when the finger on the sensor at standby mode
  • 1mA power consumption at standby mode
  • 1uA power consumption at power-down mode



The MFC-2160Q biometrics circular fingerprint sensor is based on capacitive-touched technology with a hardened surface and enhanced ESD strength. Designed for fingerprint reader, fingerprint scanner, fingerprint locks’ sensors. The built-in analog and digital circuits could minimize the number of external components, and provide an easy-to-use standard SPI interface to microprocessors.

The operation of the MFC-2160Q circular capacitive fingerprint sensor is as following, a fingerprint image captured by the pixel array, delivering fingerprint ridge or valley signals to A/D converter and digital processor, then to the serial peripheral interface for data-reading. The image quality of MFC-2160Q circular capacitive fingerprint sensor can be adjusted by setting gain, offset and reference voltage parameters internally. In addition, the internal operations and interface speed can also be configured to meet various finger conditions.

MFC-2160Q circular capacitive fingerprint sensor also has a finger detection function and windowing function for different applications such as the fingerprint padlock, fingerprint wearable devices, and fingerprint access control.

This fingerprint sensor chip is 100% made in Taiwan and the quality is super reliable.  We also support the algorithm with extra MCU

Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Support (Optional) 

  • Good adaptability to dry, wet, or fuzzy fingerprint
  • Repair the fractured fingerprints automatically
  • Great anti-deformation ability
  • Supporting 360 °Authentication
  • Self-learning during usage
  • Fingerprint Template Size < 1KB
  • Verification speed < 700 ms


MFC-2160/Q MFC-1160 MFC-1082
Sensor 160*160 Pixel 160*160 Pixel 82*62Pixel
Cost/Performance High-end Medium Low cost
Algorithm +MCU (0.75mm) +MCU (0.75mm) +MCU
Function parts parts parts
Application  laptop, tablet, lock windows laptop, tablet, lock handheld device, tablet, lock


  • Biometric authentication on card/Smart Card/Cold Wallet
  • Identification Card/Driver License Card/ID card
  • External fingerprint reader/fingerprint scanner
  • Fingerprint SSD/Fingerprint HD/fingerprint Keyboard
  • Personal handheld devices (Mobile/Tablet/Notebook)
  • Fingerprint padlock, fingerprint jewelry box, USB fingerprint reader
Ordering Information
MFC-2160Q 160* 160-pixel circular capacitive fingerprint sensor with IP67 waterproof
MFC-2160Q Development Kit 160*160-pixel circular capacitive fingerprint sensor with IP67 Development Kit including MCU and Algorithm
MFC-2160 160*160-pixel square capacitive fingerprint sensor with IP67

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