Fingerprints | MFC-1160 Biometrics Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor


160*160 Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor with IP67


    • Sensor
      • Active area: 160´160-pixel array, or 8.0´ 0 mm2 sensing area with 508 dpi resolution
      • Sensing Frame Rate: 11 images/sec
      • Built-in 8-bit ADC for digitizing image
      • 64-bit Key encryption for fingerprint data
    • LGA package
      • Square shape support (10.4mm x 10.4mm x 0.42mm)
      • Coating color: Black
      • Surface: Matte
    • Low power finger detection mode
    • Communication
      • Slave SPI interface with 4 wires + IOIRQ (interrupt pin)
      • SPI clock rate of up to 8 MHz with 1.62~3.6V I/O
    • Power consumption
      • ESD
      • HBM +/- 6KV
      • Operation voltage
      • Operating temperature range: -20°C ~ 80°C
      • Power down mode current: < 3 µA
      • Finger detection with 100ms scan rate current: < 40 µA
      • Fingerprint sensing current: 8 mA
    • System Operation voltage: 65~3.6V
      • IO Operating voltage: 62~3.6V



The MFC-1160e is a powerful capacitive fingerprint sensor with SPI interface. There are 160×160 sensor pixels to construct sensor area of 8.0´8.0 mm2 because each pixel size is 50´50 µm2. It is used to detect fingerprint capacitance change with difference between the ridge and valley of user’s fingers.

Host can control or access the MFC-1160e easily depending on the SPI command protocol. The MFC-1160e can provide above 11 frames/sec fingerprint data to host due to high speed scan rate of analog front end (AFE) and high-speed communication of SPI. It can offer enough fingerprint information within a short time, to shorten the time to identify. In addition to original fingerprint data transmitted to HOST via SPI interface, the MFC-1160e also provides 64-bit key data encryption for security purposes to protect the original fingerprint data.

For low power consumption issue, the MFC-1160e has IDLE mode to implement finger-on detection. When in finger detection mode, it can provide about 40 µA and in Power Down mode, it just consumes less 3 µA.

Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Support

  • Good adaptability to dry, wet, or fuzzy finger
  • Repair the fractured fingerprints automatically
  • Great anti-deformation ability
  • Supporting 360 °Authentication
  • Self-learning during usage
  • ISO Standard: ANSI/INCIT 378 Compliant Extractor & Matcher
  • Compliant ISO/IEC 19794-2 fingerprint minutia standards.
  • Fingerprint Template Size < 1KB
  • Verification speed < 700 ms


MFC-1160 MFC-1160e MFC-2160
Sensor v v v
Package with frame flat flat
Algorithm option option option
Function parts parts parts
Application windows laptop, tablet, locker windows laptop, tablet,locker windows laptop, tablet,locker


  • Personal handheld devices (Mobile/Tablet/Notebook)
  • Biometric authentication on card
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MFC-1160e 160*160 pixel capacitive fingerprint sensor with IP67

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