MFL-2096 Mini USB Fingerprint Lock For laptop Auto Login


Mini USB Fingerprint Lock For laptop Auto Login

Combining superior biometric performance and 360° readability with anti-spoofing protection, the MFC-2096 USB fingerprint lock provides universal 2nd-factor authentication security to protect your data from cyber thieves. With a fingerprint algorithm that exceeds swipe sensors and industry standards with a False Rejection Rate (FRR) of <5% and a False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of 0.002%, the key easily outperforms the competition.


  • Easy login without password
  • Compact design & 360-degree touch
  • Multi fingers supported(up to 10 fingerprints)


Highlights of USB Fingerprint Lock

  • Designed for the latest Windows 7, 8 & 10 operating system
    Easy to setup*. Only 5 simple steps away to work with Win 7, 8 & 10.
  • Ultra-Fine Size, convenient to carry
    With only 22×12.4×24.2mm dimensions exposed when plugged into your laptop, you can enjoy your fingerprint safeguard anytime and anywhere
  • Data Encryption and Description in a second
    Easy and prompt way to access file lock function, My Lockey protects all files with your fingerprint. You can lock and unlock multi-files at once.
  • Breath-sensing, precision algorithm, virtually impossible to duplicate
    Featuring AI biological detection, breath-sensing and high precision algorithm to detect forged fingerprints.
  • Setup up to 10 fingerprint IDs
    You may set up to 10 fingerprint IDs and for every fingerprint ID account, one can setup multiple fingerprints as IDs.
  • Certified by Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance
    PQI Fingerprint USB Dongle is FIDO certified, it is platform/system interoperable and meets modern digital data safety needs.


Physical Characteristics
Fingerprint sensor Capacitive area sensor
OS supported Windows 7, 8, 10 (Hello)
Interface USB2.0 or higher
Recognition accuracy Meet Windows Hello biometric requirements

  • False Accept Rate(FAR):<0.002%
  • False Reject Rate:<5%
ESD protection 8KV (air), 4KV (contract)
Weight 3.8g
Standard certification CE/FCC Class B/RoHS
Dimensions 22.0×12.4×24.2mm
Ordering Information
MFL-2096 Mini USB Fingerprint Lock For laptop Auto Login

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