88*62 Pixel Mini Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor with IP67


  • Outlook is rectangle
  • Spatial resolution 508 DPI
  • 2D sensor array of 88 x 62 pixels
  • Sensing area 4.4 mm x 3.1 mm
  • SIP package size:Min. 6.5 x 8.6 mm
  • Built-in 8-bit ADC for digitizing the image
  • The built-in programmable voltage reference
  • SPI interface
  • 08 sec readout time(TBD)
  • Support 160-byte on-chip data FIFO
  • 65Volt ~ 3.6Volt for I/O communication
  • Advanced SiP package to reduce the size and provide better water and dust protection
  • Windowing function to crop the smaller image
  • Finger detection function to detect the finger on the sensor
  • Interrupt pin to wake up host when the finger on the sensor at standby mode




The MFC-1082 single fingerprint sensor chip is designed for capacitive touch coating or ceramics-covered fingerprint sensor. It provides excellent fingerprint recognition, like 2% FRR and 1/50k FAR index, and fast identification less than 200ms. Flexible LGA package design, suitable 9~12Φ roundness or square shape module design. Passive mode, single-chip architecture, without any external drive signal or chip, simplifies the module design. It could be assembled as a metal ring, decorative ring, and ringless program.

For the front fingerprint, design considerations can be configured up to 3 soft keys, to achieve home, back, menu, and other key functions. Support 3600 registration and identification reach the login user optimization experience. In addition gesture navigation can provide up, down, left, and right identification. Built-in fingerprint stable detection, wakeup in the finger touch, dark screen unlock, to avoid mistakenly touch the frequent wake-up of the host chip. Chip is a built-in hardware anti-noise architecture design. In charging mode, an automatic frequency hopping mechanism, greatly enhance the experience if a charger is used.

This fingerprint sensor chip is 100% made in Taiwan and the quality of the fingerprint sensor is super reliable.

Different Size of Fingerprint Sensor Comparison

Sensor160*160 Pixel88*62 Pixel88*62 Pixel
CP/ShapeHigh-end/CircularLow cost/RectanglesLow cost/Circular
Applicationwindows laptop, tablet, lockerwindows laptop, tablet, lockertablet, locker


Ordering Information
MFC-108288*62 pixels mini capacitive fingerprint sensor
MFC-1082 Development Kit88*62 pixels mini capacitive fingerprint sensor development kit including MCU and Algorithm
MFC-1082Q88*62 pixels mini circular capacitive fingerprint sensor

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