Smartbook | Fingerprint Protected Notebook

Ultra-light High-security Fingerprint Notebook

With Smartbook you manage your information securely, while never sacrificing style. Not only do lawyers, bankers, or other professionals need a Smartbook, everyone should own one in today’s society. Do you have a habit of writing a diary? Or are you a freelancer who follows the trend of “Small Office, Home Office”? Do you ever have the need of keeping some secret handwritings? Smartbook is designed for you to make sure all secret information is safe within it. It is the perfect combination of style and privacy.

Security is being addressed increasingly now, and our Smartbook is more convenient to take around due to its lightweight. Why don’t come and get one as a gift for yourself or for your friends?


  • High security

Higher security than a traditional notebook. Keep secret information inside without worries.

  • Fashionable design

There are three colors of Smartbook, black, grey, and yellow (minimal order required). And the design of Smartbook is young and fashionable.

  • Ultra-light

Comparing to other smart notebooks, Smartbook is much lighter. A light notebook allows you to take around.

  • State-of-the-art

Smartbook uses one of the newest technology – biometric sensing, which definitely follows the trend of modern society.

  • Rechargeable

Micro USB seat supply is available for charging. No need to worry about running out of battery.




Product Size: 133*192*19.7mm

Net Weight: 322g

Inner size: B6 (175*105mm)

Number of Pages: 80  pages of empty forest paper

Battery Capacity: 160 mAh Lithium battery

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Standby Time: 90 days

Charging Port: Micro USB

Number of Registered Fingerprints: 2 pieces (manager and user)


  • Keeping private handwritings for professionals such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc. Also could be applied to people who work in the home office or who have a habit of writing a diary.


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