Thermal Sensor Module

16 x 16 Thermopile Array Module Temperature Detected up to 1M


The thermal sensor module is a 16×16 thermopile array module having a digital output through the I2C interface for ease of infrared image processing. The applications would be wide such as forehead temperature sensing devices, integration of access control systems, integration of face recognition systems.

● High Precision Infrared Array Sensor
● Temperature detection of the two-dimensional area: 16 × 16
● Digital output
● RoHS compliant

● High function home appliances
● Energy-saving at office
● Digital signage
● Automatic doors/elevators

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Module Spec
Operating VoltageMinimum: 4.5V, Typical: 5.0V, Maimun: 5.5V
Operating Current8.0mA
Electrical InterfaceI2C
Interface Speed100KHz
Physical Connection InterfaceSM04B-GHS-TB(JST) connector
Thermopile Array Characteristic
Effective Number of Pixels256 Pixels
NETDTypical: 0.4°C
Frame RateMaximum: 980ms
Field of ViewHorizontal: 72 Degrees, Vertical: 72 Degrees
Resolution of ReadingTypical: 0.05°C
Object Temperature Accuracy±0.3 ~ ±0.4°C
Order Information
1M Thermal Sensor_Midas Touc16×16 thermopile array module without algorithm

Application: occupancy sensing, gesture control, home security, and smart appliance.

*Suggest for industrial used

MTC-16PV-MCU16×16 thermopile array module  with algorithm (I2C Board)

Application: Body temperature measurement and Door access control

*Detect body temperature with ±0.3 ~ ±0.4°C accuracy

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