Successful story of MES-4190: The Powerful hardware partner of Highnix ERP systems

Company: Highnix Pte Ltd.
Country: Singapore
Application: Highnix ERP Enterprise Server
Product: MES-4190 or visit @

Mr. KH Koh, Managing Director of Highnix, said that “the MES-4190 is an excellent mini-server for our ERP systems. It has been tested with full load of  our ERP modules and with more than 20 simultaneous users logins. System processes the transactions with return results instantaneously. It is desired by all enterprises. ”

“Our ERP systems are low cost, Cloud based by design for SMEs and it runs on an operating system that is immune from Windows Virus and Malware. MES-4190 is the best hardware partner as it turbo charged our system along with the “plug-and-play” capability. It saves users significant amount of deployment and implementation cost.”

Integrated with MES 4190 makes the ERP system perform at the speed above expectations. With the MES-4190 serves as a ERP server or a private cloud ERP server, it resolves enterprises’ long term issues of tallying sales, purchase, inventory, financial performance tracking, manufacturing (BOM) and accounting data as well as integration of other applications with ERP system. The MES-4190 allows multiple users accessing to the systems simultaneously. It gives the users a peace of mind as it is a low power system, maintenance free and it does not require to operate in an air-conditoned computer room. The great MES -4190 cloud ERP systems allow users to access the system anywhere, any time and on-the-move!

About Highnix

Highnix Pte Ltd was founded by a team of system analysts, developers and programmers and supported by professionals with a total of more than 70 years of experience in the relevant fields. Highnix delivers low cost, efficient yet robust ERP, Accounting, HR/Payroll, Leave Management and POS solutions that help Small and Medium Enterprises to efficiently handle and manage the tedious business, inventory and manufacturing transactions such that the unproductive activities are reduced or eliminated. The Accounting Module complied to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) E-Tax guide and it is one of the software listed on IRAS website (

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