MFC-1256 256*360 FBI-certified Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor


256*360 FBI-certified Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor


  • Spatial resolution 508 DPI
  • 256 x 360-pixel 2D sensor array
  • Sensing area 12.8 mm x 18.0 mm
  • 23.0 mm x 35.0 mm package size
  • IP67 dust and water resistant
  • Built-in 8-bit ADC for digitizing the image
  • Built-in programmable voltage reference
  • High-speed SPI interface
  • 0.1 sec readout time
  • 32-byte on-chip data FIFO
  • 2.6Volt ~ 3.6 Volt for I/O communication
  • Finger detection function to detect finger on the sensor
  • Interrupt pin to wake up host when the finger on the sensor



Embedded the MFC-1256 FBI-certified capacitive fingerprint sensor in your product for advanced fingerprint acquisition and verification. 508 DPI resolutions deliver superior image quality for highly accurate readings and a 0.07 second readout time enable quick verification.

The built-in analog and digital circuitry minimizes the number of external components and provides an easy-to-use, standard SPI interface to microprocessors. Finger detection function can detect finger automatically and wake up microprocessors by hardware interrupt pin.

Windowing function can crop smaller fingerprint image to improve the image read frame rate or other applications.

Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Support

  • Good adaptability to dry, wet, or fuzzy finger
  • Repair the fractured fingerprints automatically
  • Great anti-deformation ability
  • Supporting 360 °Authentication
  • Self-learning during usage
  • ISO Standard: ANSI/INCIT 378 Compliant Extractor & Matcher
  • Compliant ISO/IEC 19794-2 fingerprint minutia standards.
  • Fingerprint Template Size < 1KB
  • Verification speed < 700 ms


  • Security device
  • Time and Attendance Control System
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MFC-1256 256*360 FBI-certified Capacitive Sensor
MFC-1256C 256*360 FBI-certified Capacitive Sensor with Steel Coat
MFC-1256M 256*360 FBI-certified Capacitive Fingerprint Module

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