Fingerprint Reader 

HelloTouch Designed for Window 10 Hello Password-free Biometric Login


  • Perfect for tablets and laptops with Windows 10
  • Microsoft-tested and qualified for Windows Hello
  • Fingerprint biometric sign-in for Windows Hello
  • Durable design for commercial use
  • Cost efficient alternative to expensive readers
  • Enhance security and convenience in one


Fingerprint Reader – HelloTouch


HelloTouch Fingerprint Reader is based on capacitive-contact technology with hardened surface and enhanced ESD resistivity. There are 160×160 sensor pixels to construct sensor area of 8.0×8.0 mm2 because each pixel size is 50×50 µm2.

The Build-in analog and digital circuitry minimizes the number of external components and provides easy-to-use standard USB interface to microprocessors. The operation of the sensor is controlled through registers, following a simple protocol. The captured image quality can be adjusted by setting gain, offset or reference voltage parameters. The internal operation and interface speed can also be configured to the need.

This product is a mini fingerprint algorithm module and can be used with the capacitive chip sensor reader. HelloTouch Fingerprint Reader has a wide range of applications but focuses mostly on authentication applications.


  • Sensor: Capacitive chip sensor
  • Scanning: Speed 30 Frame/sec
  • Image resolution: 508 dpi
  • Gray Level: 8bits/pixel,max 256 gray scales
  • Image ratio of length to width 1 : 1
  • Scanner interface cable: USB
  • Power: DC 5V (Suspend: <0.6mA, Matching duration: 25mA)
  • PCB Dimension: 25 x 16  mm
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 70℃
  • Operating Humidity: 0~95% Non-condense
  • Verification speed: 1:1, 80 msec , 1:N  250 msec
  • FRR (False Rejection Rate): 1/100
  • FAR (False Acceptance Rate): 1/100,000
  • ESD: 15KV


  • Fingerprint biometric log-in for Windows Hello
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • File Encryption
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 Fingerprint Reader HelloTouch designed for Windows 10 Hello Password-free Biometric Login

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