Global Business Partner Recruitment

Midas Touch, Inc is aggressively seeking more opportunities to grow our brand, but we will need more great partners to walk along with us. We can see the market of fingerprint, IoT, Tablet PC, and Embedded PC to grow and prosper in the near future. Our existing partners experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and we want our next partners to be the same as well.

Regional Distributors:

With Midas Touch service and positioning, no matter entrepreneurs or established companies in the related industry can find our products and service fit their portfolio. Midas Touch is open to all proposals, and we will carefully review it and do the research on the market situation to ensure all our partners enjoy their shares of returns.

Software Partners:

Midas Touch is mainly a hardware provider for IoT, Tablet PC, and Embedded PC, and we are looking for software partners to integrate the software and hardware.

System Integrators:

Your solution is our solution. Grow your revenues as a Midas Touch integrator, and our products are key pieces in many solutions. Your mission is to solve customers’ challenges by integrating your services with the right solutions. As a Midas Touch integrator, you will receive high-markup for your integration services. Midas Touch will like to work with the global or regional integrators for large scale projects, corporate, industrial and government clients, or national projects are welcome. To be our partners, please click the button below Our specialist will reach you as soon as possible. 

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