Global Business Partner Recruitment

We would like to aggressively expand the success beyond our current reach. The fingerprint, loT, tablet PC and Embedded PC markets will grow fast in coming years, while we are seeing most of our existing partners to grow a lot in the recently year. Thus we’d hope new partners will grow just similarly by working happily with us.

Regional Distributors:

Both experienced entrepreneurs and established companies in related industries of all regions shall be able to find our offerings to fit in their portfolio well, with high probability to bring in additional revenue streams, due to Midas Touch’s service or price positioning. We are open to all propositions and will carefully review the demographics and market segmentations to ensure companies teaming with us to enjoy their fair shares of returns.

Software Partners:

Midas Touch is the hardware provider for IoT, tablet PC and Embedded PC and looking for the software partners to integrate the software together. We also need partners focusing on various vertical markets to address these specific needs.

System Integrators:

Design our products and solutions within your own solutions. Grow your revenues as a Midas Touch integrator. Some of Midas Touch’s products are key parts in the certain solution. You help customers meet challenges by combining your integration services with the right solutions. And you get high-margin revenue for your integration services. Midas Touch is like to work with the global or regional integrators for large scale projects of corporate, industrial and government clients and national projects.

In order to be Midas Touch’s partner, please click here and our specialist will response you immediately.