Fingerprint sensor module for lock_Midas Touch


160 x 160 Pixel Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Module with MCU


  • 160 x 160 pixels
  • Build-in ADC for digitizing image
  • UART interface
  • Data encryption
  • Short readout time
  • Cost-effective sensor
  • High sensing capability
  • Single power supply



The MFC-2160KM all-in-one capacitive fingerprint sensor module is consists of the MFC-2160KM capacitive fingerprint sensor & Algorithm MCU. The module provides one UART interface output port for connecting to the customer side mainboard. The operation of MFC-2160KM capacitive fingerprint sensor module is as following, a fingerprint image captured by pixel array, delivery fingerprint ridge or valley signals to A/D converter and digital processor, then to the serial peripheral interface for data‐reading. Due to MCU already installed the algorithm, the user can through the UART interface use the MCU SOC command to operate the module like fingerprint enroll, match operations, etc. The MFC-2160KM all-in-one capacitive fingerprint sensor module is 100 percent made in Taiwan.


Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Module
Image resolution508dpi
Sensing area8mm x 8mm
Package size15.8mm x 14.5mm x 3mm(H)
Gray level8 bits/pixels, 256 grayscales
Recognition Time1:N, 0.6 second
Template capacity100
FRR(Fales Rejection Rate)1.5%
FAR(False Acceptance Rate)<0.01%
InterfaceUART (57600,8,N2)/ TTL level
Supply voltage3.3V
Total supply current35mA
Operation humidity0 -95%, Non-condense
Operating temperature-40°C to 80°C
ESD protection for air discharging±15kV


OutlookMFC-2160 160*160 pixel Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor | Midas TouchMFC-2160Q 160*160 pixel circular fingerprint sensor fwith IP 67 front view
Sensor160*160 pixel160*160 pixel160*160 pixel
TypeAll-in-one ModuleSquare sensorCircular sensor
AlgorithmBuilt-in AS608 MCU (0.75mm)+AS608 MCU (0.75mm)+AS608 MCU (0.75mm)
Package Size15.8mm x 14.5mm12.2mm x 12.2mm13.8.2mm x 13.8mm
Applicationswindows laptop, tablet, lockerwindows laptop, tablet, locklock, padlock, handheld device, door lock


      • Door lock/padlock/draw lock/cold wallet
      • Security device/Handheld device/data security
      • Access control system/Door Lock

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