Z-Wave Wall-mount PIR Motion Sensor

  • Z-Wave module inside
  • Wall mount mechanism
  • Auto switch-off delay time settings
  • 120-degree motion detection
  • Detects changes in movement via infrared technology
  • Tamperproof protection
  • Low-power consumption for long battery life
  • Battery capacity detection (with the MDG-2088 Control Gateway)
  • Temperature report (with the MDG-2088 Control Gateway)
  • App and control pad alerts for any situation (with App Cloud Home and HTS-1000P Control Pad)


Z-Wave Wall-mount PIR Motion Sensor

Product Specifications

Hardware and Network
Z-Wave FrequencyAmerica: 908.42MHzEurope: 868.42MHz
Installation HeightAbout 2 meters
PIR Detecting Distance3~10 meters
PIR Detecting Angle120 degrees coverage
LED IndicatorsMovement detected (red)
Operating RangeUp to 30 meters in open space
Delay Time Adjustment1~255 minutes
InstallationWall mount, indoor use
Power RequirementsCR123A 3V
Operating Temperature-15 ~ 40 degrees C
Operating Humidity0 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Dimensions (W x D x H)84 x 62 x 50 mm
EmissionCE, FCC
Ordering Information
MZD-2100AZ-Wave Wall-mount PIR Motion Sensor (FCC-908.42MHz)
MZD-2100EZ-Wave Wall-mount PIR Motion Sensor (ETSI-868.42MHz)

All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.