Z-wave Smart Energy Meter


Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter

  • Z-Wave module inside
  • Easy to install
  • Overload protection
  • Repeater to enhance the Z-Wave wireless communication range
  • Energy and cost saving by automatically/manually turning off those devices not in use
  • Setting up an automatic power on and off schedule (with the HAC- 1000 Control Gateway)
  • Voltage, current, wattage and total KWh report (with the MZG-2088 Control Gateway)
  • App and control pad alerts for any situation (with Cloud Home App and the HTS-1000P Control Pad)


Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter Product Specifications

Product MZD-2530A-US MZD-2530E-DE
Feature Specification
Z-Wave Frequency America: 908.42MHz Europe: 868.42MHz
Sensor Power On/Off: red/green
Z-Wave RF transfer/receive: red/green (flash)
Energy level: green/orange/red
Buttons 1 x Power On/Off button (Either control manually or remotely via the control gateway)
Load 110V/10A/1100W
(Resistive) 220V10A/
2200W (Resistive)
Operating Range Up to 30 meters in open space
Installation Plug connection for indoor use
Power Requirements AC 100V ~ 230V
Operating Temperature 15 ~ 60 degrees C
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Weight 156g 126g
Dimensions 100 x 62 x 38 mm (W x D x H) 61 x 58 mm (Φ x L)
Emission CE, FCC
Ordering Information
MZD-2530A-US Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter (FCC-908.42MHz, AC 100-230V, 10A max.)
MZD-2530E-DE Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter (ETSI-868.42MHz, AC 100-230V, 10A max.)

All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.