Midas Touch releases mini fingerprint padlock for consumer use

 | Allison Heather


Midas Touch released the mini fingerprint padlock geared to the consumer market on Amazon UK.

Its standalone one-touch security is suitable for ease of use with personal items such as suitcases, briefcases, and bicycles.

Midas Touch shipped Biometric Update a sample and we tested it over a few cold, Canadian winter nights. The padlock held up very well in the sub-freezing weather and snow, and it was very easy to set up and enroll without any software and with the assistance of its instructional video.

Despite it being small and light, we were impressed with its strength. The padlock is made of Zinc alloy and a second version of the lock comes with a steel cable, ideal for bicycles.

It is currently available for sale to the U.S., Germany, Spain, UK, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, with plans for availability Amazon.com in the near future.

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Midas Touch, Inc. is a worldwide leading company in the fingerprint identification industry, dedicated to developing and providing consumer-ready fingerprint identification products, biometric fingerprint sensors and modules. Our RD team has a long history and rich experience in the Biometric fingerprint field. Midas Touch, Inc. ’s patented proprietary fingerprint algorithm technology follows the ISO/IEC 19794-2 standard and provides maximum accuracy, performance, and reliability.

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