Midas Touch Brand Story


Origin of Brand

Midas Touch Brand Story – the photo on the left-hand side is one of our founder favorite photos. A friend of our founder in the States told her that God must make a mistake and let the angels down. That is the purpose of her mission in the earth. So, she should start waving my angel stick to play “Midas Touch”, she said. This is the origin of our brand!

Logo message

The logo is cylindrical inside the shape of the representative of the universe. Because we do the global business, the world wherever we go is our market. Circle also symbolizes the constant rotation, which means that we will continue to progress. The square also represents the still, and we will review ourselves at the appropriate time. The color origins from orange (means sands) then turn to yellow (gold). The logo color is so colorful equal to joyful. The cylindrical side also represents our business principles. When you look at the logo like a Chinese ancient coin from distance. When you look at a close look, it is a diamond. Hopefully, our customers can really find our value just like the diamond after usage!