Because of the pandemic COVID-19, having thermal detection system in the entrance of an event becomes a new social norm for event-holders.

Through NKIC, we have the opportunity to collaborate with Enlight Technology in today’s event! We are pleased to announce our company starting a new service, which provides a one-day thermal fever detection system to event-holders.

Having people queuing up to measure their forehead temperature one by one during your event? People will probably be so upset during this process. But don’t worry, Midas Touch’s thermal detection system is a real-time technology that scans people’s temperature within a second, and it will also capture people’s temperature while moving. The thermal detection system can detect three people at a time so that it can consume your event line faster.

Midas Touch’s Thermal Fever Detection System can accurately detect facial temperatures with an accuracy of ±0.3ºC, one of the most accurate screening solutions on the market, an ideal for monitoring body temperature at entrances to events. Midas Touch’s thermal solution achieves short response time and highly precise temperature.

If you want to rent a thermal fever detection system, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our services are currently available in Taiwan!

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